Ways To Study With Bill

Prior to the challenges and changes  brought to all of us by the COVID pandemic, Bill’s primary teaching mode was in-person weekend workshops and retreats hosted by people in various settings across the continents. These in-person events are now beginning to return. Bill cherishes this way of being with others.

There are now also other fruitful and engaging ways to study with Bill, and he is looking forward to developing and expanding them.

  • Group contemplative gatherings —

    “Śravaṇa, Smaraṇa, Saṃsthāna: Listening, Remembering, Coming Together”

    This is an ongoing series of triweekly 45-minute Zoom sessions in which Bill first presents a short teaching from spiritual literatures. The group then contemplates that teaching together in a way that supports them in their lives. Each session ends with a short period of quiet meditation.

    These gatherings are open to everyone free of charge.

    Coming gatherings will take place from 1:00–1:45pm Eastern US time on the following Saturdays: March 23, April 13, May 4, May 25.

    To participate, send a note to <[email protected]> and Bill will send you the Zoom link.

    To keep informed more generally, please place your name on Bill’s email list via the Contact Bill tab and return frequently to the Schedule page

  • Seminar Workshops

    Contemplative study and discussion programs, ranging in length from a half-day to a full weekend. Bill typically shares with participants his translations of relevant Sanskrit texts. Programs typically include periods of meditation. Actual topics vary. Please turn to the Schedule Page to keep informed.

    To get more information regarding hosting a seminar workshop, please write Bill via [email protected].

  • Courses

    Longer courses extending over 3-6 weeks consisting of weekly study and conversation sessions based on foundational texts and teachings, typically oriented around a particular philosophical tradition within the history of yoga: Vedānta, Classical Yoga, Nondual Tantra, Bhakti, and so on. These courses are open to participants at any and all levels of previous familiarity with the material.

    Notice of these courses will appear on the Schedule Page. You may also write Bill at [email protected].

  • Tutorials and study programs

    Relatively private extended tutorial sessions extending over variable lengths of time for people who want to go into more depth with a topic. If you yourself, alone or with some others with similar particular interests, would like to discuss topics of your choice with Bill, then such conversations will be arranged. Such tutorials and study programs would assume an active, engaged, on-going interest in the relevant topic on your part. For more information please, write to Bill via [email protected].