Workshops, Courses, Tutorials & Retreats in Yoga Philosophy

Drawing on foundational texts to deepen our understanding of the philosophy behind the practice of life-affirming forms of yoga.

William K. Mahony, PhD is known in yoga and other spiritual communities across the continents for his warm, lively and compassionate teaching that is accessible to contemporary yoga students at all levels as well as to those interested in deepening their spiritual lives in other ways.

In his courses, seminar workshops, tutorials, and retreats, Bill integrates his deep scholarly knowledge of yoga philosophy with insights refined over five decades of his own yogic practice.  Known as a teacher of teachers, he shares with participants the expansive and transforming wisdom he finds in the splendid texts he studies, and he guides participants in ways they can fruitfully apply these perspectives in their own lives.

Whether you are new to the contemplative study of yoga philosophy or have pursued this interest for some time and want to deepen your understanding, Bill warmly invites you to join him and others in a variety of settings when he and participants in his offerings together explore and immerse themselves in ways of a life-affirming yogic life.

In these various workshops, seminars and retreats, participants find textual guidance and support in:

  • the practice of contemplative study
  • discerning important ideas in the philosophy of yoga
  • exploring the history of yoga
  • refining their spiritual love

  • nourishing their gratitude

  • expanding their sense of wonder

  • cultivating their inherent compassion

  • honing their meditation practice

  • deepening their contemplative lives

  • honoring their responsibilities

  • studying sacred texts

Bill and participants reflect together on such texts in translation as the:

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Bhagavata Purana

  • Bhakti Sutra

  • Pratyabhijna Hridaya

  • Upanishads

  • Shiva Sutra

  • Vijnana Bhairava

  • Yoga Sutra